Civil disobedience

August 7th-9th

The heroes continued in the quest to discover the truth about Lor Bain. They evidently discovered that he had accidentally killed his friend and covered it up. They used this information to force him to step down.

August 5th-6th

Zale Comicker revealed that he was no longer willing to tolerate the two being a part of the Corellian Rebellion unless they did something to retire Moff Lor Bain in two weeks. Upon returning to their home they met a petitioner of House Paramexor, who informed them that Matthew Zess’ wife had decided to hire an assassin named Juris Bailer to kill them. They subsequently sold their worldly possession and went into hiding. In hiding, Victor Blanc agreed to pretending to be a juror in a trial of Magnus Emoth in exchange for Torc Anline to take care of their assassin problem.

August 1st
Into the Rabbit Hole

Our intrepid heroes begin their day as regular members of society, but by midnight, they were members of the rebel alliance.

August 4th
Trying out the hero word

Our heroes are hired to extract money from a man named Spillman Piercewho owed money to the sons of coronet. They failed to get the money and faced a problem, rob peter to pay paul? In the end they took the money from the rebels to pay off the debt now. They then attempted to heist a liquor shipment going off planet. In the heat of the moment, their plan to defeat the stormtroopers guarding the shipment took a turn for the worst, when they were captured and brought in to be interrogated by an imperial officer. Spillman Pierce, who had recently joined the Empire, quickly rescued them and brought them to safety/


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