Tag: SonsofCoronet


  • Don Jack Shaun

    Don Jack Shaun is a calculating man who runs the Sons of Coronet with an iron hand. He is stern and uncaring towards those he does not know, but warm and loving to his friends.

  • Torc Anline

    The Hound, Torc Anline, second in command to Don Jax. He is Don Jax right hand, doing whatever need to be done in the name of the Sons of Coronet. He is swift smart and very clever.

  • Nindo Durithel

    A rodian with a knack for courtesy, Nindo has never met a man he didn't like. Friendly, cheerful and always the gentleman, people are often suprised by his ability to murder and steal without second thought.

  • Magnus Emoth

    A disaster prone man, Magnus Emoth spends his days in court, explaining to the don what he did wrong and apologizing to made men. Magnus is a man who would rather live without a code, but is unfortunately bound by the fact that if he did what he wanted, …