Tag: rebel


  • Zale Comicker

    Somewhat off the edge, he wages a war of terror against the Empire, under the belief that all imperials deserve to die. He is tough, strict and very unforgiving.

  • Yoan Jervade

    A casual man who's business is other people's business. He spends his days searching for all kinds of information, relevant or not. He is slow to anger and equally slow to befriend. The other rebels don't talk to him much and some whisper about him being …

  • Mella Markinso

    A twilek with a decorated medical history, her leeku was injured during her escape from an imperial assassination attempt. Her medical knowledge and dexterity are excellent but the damage to her left brain has caused her to be forgetful and alternately …

  • Seelo Leith

    A short rodian with a knack for breaking and entering. He spent most of his life in an imperial reformation camp, in and out of kessel and in several rehabilitation clinics. His skills is theft, slicing and stealth made him a natural choice for the …

  • Jax Loose

    Jax Loose is a weapons engineer first and everything second. He worked for Czerka before they kicked him out for attempting to sabotage an imperial power plant. He quickly found a friend in Zale who was always searching for weapons and men. Jax is …

  • Vorta Abigo

    A fantastic television personality with acess to everything, Vorta spends her days learning as much as she can, doing her best to protect the rebels by always being one step ahead.