Tabletop Treasures

Tabletop treasures

The casino that Victor Blanc co-owns.

Capacity of 20 people with eight total games, including 2 jubilee wheels, three sabaac tables, a craps table, a poker table and a betting station for racing

With the legalization of gambling and the increasingly large amount of imperials spending their time there, the TableTop Treasures is pulling in 12,000 credits per month. After taxes and expenses this totals to 6,560 credits per month.

The Tabletop Treasures is in good standing with the imperials

Currently the Tabletop treasures is paying out 4,000 a month to the Sons of Belal Vistal for protection.

Investor Information:
Co-owner: Victor Blanc,
Co-owner: Thorpton Vial; Silent Partner who gave total control to Victor as he deals with other investments.

Tabletop Treasures

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